Stan Herd

A native Kansan, Stan Herd began as a painter and muralist before attaining the position as the pre-eminent ‘representational’ earthworks artist in the world today. One of the founders of the ‘Prairie Renaissance’ with Kevin Wilmott, Herd has been active in promoting film, music and the arts in America’s heartland. He has continued to produce numerous earthworks that grip viewers around the world. Herd’s artworks have spanned 40 years and include works with major companies in commercial endeavors alongside his monumental fine art earthworks in China, Cuba, Australia, Brazil and in 13 states in the US. 

Stan Herd's action through activism and community involvement has helped define this new art form while embracing his love of the Land and the first Native Peoples of the Americas whose embrace of nature defined their culture.  

As a progressive activist Herd has embraced this community driven art form to bring attention to a multitude of issues showcasing the environment, science, sustainable agriculture and the humanities which all connect on a common theme regarding the ‘human condition’ in the world today.  

Stan Herd Earthworks